Global footprint In a global economy where suppliers, manufacturers and customers are often located on different continents Freitan can meet the most demanding supply chain requirement through utilizing our extensive network of service centers located near all major ocean and air cargo terminals.
Broad range of services Customer can outsource their complete supply chain requirement and in so reduce bottom line operating cost and optimize efficiency within the supply chain.
Tracking reports Accurate and up to date personalized tracking reports measures service delivery in respect of a clients key performance indicators, enables the client to make informed decisions to optimize the supply chain efficiency.
Air cargo service We offer a wide range of air freight services from major centers throughout the world, accommodating both consolidated and JIT shipment requirements.
Ocean cargo service We manage full container loads (FCL) and less than container loads (LCL) on every major trade lane in the world offering our customers a quality driven secure environment for handling their products.
Warehousing and distribution Warehouses are strategically located near all major ocean and air cargo gateway ports, population centers and manufacturing locations. We can support many types of customer needs, from order fulfillment for high volume products to providing after sales support.
African knowledge After 31 years we have the experience and know how in dealing with logistics in Africa
Customs As a accredited customs agent, all business dealings comply with South African Revenue Services and WCO customs regulations.
Personalized Service Human interaction is core to our service delivery, IT systems are there to support the communications with our clients and not replace it, we know our clients by name.